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Christmas Cards On Sale!


Buy your Christmas cards from us and help support our work!


Our charity Christmas cards highlight the importance of river cleanups. Created by local illustrator Jane Porter, the cards showcase her famous Wandle Alphabet. 

“It took five years of wading, rummaging, sifting and heaving but my Wandle alphabet is finally complete – a complete A-Z made with objects found during clean-ups of the river Wandle with the Wandle Trust. I think my favourite has to be the false teeth ‘U’, though I am also very fond of ‘R’ and ‘O’. The ‘F’ is from a fish and chips sign.” Jane Porter



The cards have a message printed inside “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”. The cards are printed using 100% recycled FSC paper and a waterless, chemical-free printing process. They were produced using 100% renewable energy and zero waste has gone to landfill in their creation!


How much do they cost?

We are selling the cards in packs of 10. 

Pack of 10 – £6.00 + £2.00 postage

Pack of 20 – £12.00 + £3.50 postage

You can also buy them without the cost of postage from one of our upcoming Wandle Cleanups – just make sure you bring cash along. 


All proceeds will go towards the work of the Trust!








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2 comments on “Christmas Cards On Sale!

Gill Dickson

Hello, are these cards still for sale? The post was written in 2018

Jess Mead

Hi Gill, Yes they will be on sale again this year, though we aren’t quite ready yet. Please keep an eye out though and they will be on sale soon. Thanks.

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