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Getting hot in this heatwave?

Getting hot in this heatwave?


With this sunny, hot weather, we all want to find a way to cool down, quickly. One tempting way of doing this is to use more water than usual. Perhaps for an outdoor paddling pool, extra cold shower or watering your garden? But it is important we all remember where our water comes from – and that is usually ​y​our local river​ or the groundwaters that feed it​.


The more water we use at home, the less water will be flowing through your local river. This is particularly important for our precious ​and globally rare ​chalk streams, such as the ​ Loddon, Whitewater, Lyde, Darent, ​​Cray, Dour, ​Wandle, and Hogsmill. Some of​​ y​​ou may have spotted the photos we shared recently of the​ very low flows in the​ Hogsmill and Wandle rivers.


Wandle low flows 2018


These rivers rely on the flow of water coming from their underground chalk aquifers but, it is these very aquifers ​​that ​from ​​which​ we abstract ​​from to supply our homes and businesses with fresh water. Therefore the more we use, the higher the demand and the more water needs to be abstracted, leaving much less water for the rivers and ​the ​wildlife that call them home.


​In some cases water can be taken directly from a river to provide you with drinking water (after it has been treated), in others river water is pumped into reservoirs and stored until it is needed. There is only a finite amount of water in the world and in all these cases, it is being taken out of the environment to serve us all when we turn on the tap.


There are plenty of ways you can save water in the home, and your local water company is there to help you. Click on your water company below to see their advice and guidance on how to save water in your area.


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​Not only will saving water help your local river, but​, if you have a water meter,​ it will also save you money on your bill. So it is a win win situation!​