South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

Introducing… our first SuDS Champions!

The SuDS Champions from Harris Junior Academy Carshalton with their mini SuDS kits

Harris Junior Academy in Carshalton has been part of our SuDS in Sutton’s Schools project from the start. They have shown a real commitment to the project, agreeing to have a comprehensive SuDS scheme installed at their school while also educating the whole school community about the importance of SuDS.

Some of the activities the SuDS Champions got up to

Assemblies about SuDS have been presented, lessons about SuDS have been delivered and now, their Year 3 and 4 school council have become the first SuDS Champions as part of the project. To become SuDS Champions, the council members engaged in four SuDS sessions. After each session they were given resources to take back to their respective classes to report on what they had learned. Throughout, the council members showed real enthusiasm and demonstrated a good understanding of why SuDS are needed.

These Mini SuDS Kits include everything needed to make a little green roof shed.

To mark their achievement and to introduce these SuDS Champions to the rest of the school, a special assembly was held. Each new SuDS Champion was given a kit so they can make their own mini SuDS feature at home, spreading the SuDS message beyond the school and into the community.

Green roofs are just one type of SuDS feature that can prevent rain from rushing to the drain. Other SuDS features include rain gardens, tree pits, water butts and permeable paving. Installing features like these have many benefits for the community, especially preventing floods.

SuDS posters like this made by the SuDS Champions will be displayed around the school.

Congratulations to these first SuDS Champions – and there are more to come! Muschamp Primary School has also shown a real commitment to the project, and SuDS Champion sessions have begun in this school as well. Soon we will have a whole fleet of SuDS Champions spreading the message – SuDS not Floods!