South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

Pernod Ricard support SuDS in Sutton’s Schools

Pernod Ricard believes that companies have a responsibility to protect the environment. As a company that produces wines and spirits, they recognise the importance of looking after our water sources. Fortunately for the SuDS in Sutton’s Schools project, they also recognise the role rain garden planters can play in protecting our rivers. 

How do rain gardens protect rivers?

Each year Pernod Ricard organises a day for all their employees to volunteer with a charitable organisation.  For this year’s “Responsib’all Day”, Pernod Ricard volunteers put together 30 rain garden planters which they kindly donated to our SuDS in Sutton’s Schools project.

The advantage of rain garden planters is they can be installed within paved areas. As well as brightening up the playground, once connected to downpipes they will each be doing their part in preventing dirty rainwater from rushing into the drains.

Over the next couple of years, SuDS in Sutton’s Schools will be working with staff and pupils to design a whole SuDS scheme for each school.  SuDS, or sustainable drainage systems, include a range of features that reduce flood risk and filter runoff.  Just like these planters will do!

Unfortunately, you cannot buy off-the-peg rain garden planters.  But if you want to have a go at building your own you can find guidance here.