South East Rivers Trust

Project Kingfisher is our educational programme, designed to challenge children to learn more about their local river, its history, wildlife and the role we can all play in protecting rivers for the future.  




Free assemblies for all schools!

Free river sessions for schools in the

Hogsmill River and Beverley Brook catchments! 


To find out if your school is in either of these areas, check our catchment map here

For all other schools, our outdoor river sessions cost:

£179 for 1 X 2 hour session

£250 for 2 X 2 hour sessions on the same day (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)

An invoice will be issued once your booking is confirmed.

Introductory Assembly

This assembly introduces pupils to the local river.  They will be taken on a journey from source to mouth to discover what creatures can be found along the way! 

Suitable for any primary school age group, a standard assembly lasts half an hour and can be delivered to the whole school, certain year groups or split across key stages. 

Generally, the layout for the assembly involves setting up a ‘river’ down the centre of the hall and includes visuals on PowerPoint. Therefore,  30 minutes set up time would  be needed.  

 If booking more than one assembly, please book them so that they run consecutively but allow 20 minutes between assemblies to reset resources.

Outdoor River Sessions

Outdoor river sessions take place on the River Wandle, the Beverley Brook and the Hogsmill River.  They cover four main topics all linked to the National Curriculum.  Each session is differentiated to cater for a specific year group. For more information on the individual sessions, click on the topics below.

What creatures are hidden in the reeds or lurk beneath the shadows of the water? In this session, children will discover what wildlife lives in and around the river.  

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2

This is a chance for children to explore the features of a river while visiting a river! How does the local river compare to other rivers?   What can be learned through fieldwork and first hand observations?

Suitable for KS2

Children will become river doctors to carry out an initial examination, take a closer look and undertake tests to check on the health of the local river. 

Suitable for  KS1 and KS2

How has our relationship with the river changed over time? Discover how Victorians used (and abused) the river and how it has made a miraculous recovery!

Suitable for KS2

Our outdoor sessions are 2 hours long and are available every day during term-time.  If you require a date outside of term time, just let us know on your booking form and we will try to accommodate you.

Session times are normally;                                                                                                                        

Am         9.45am – 11.45am

Pm         12.45 – 2.45pm

We may be able to adjust the timings to suit your school day – just let us know on your booking form.


Any questions?  Contact our education team: 

telephone: 07767 027 312


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