South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

River Education Home Activities

While we are unable to deliver our usual river education sessions with schools, we are offering a programme of curriculum-based activities for children to complete at home. We will regularly publish a series of linked activities on a different theme that children can complete with limited support from adults.

How it works

Our activities will be designed by a qualified teacher who has had over 10 years experience of working in primary schools.  They will include cross-curricular task-based learning that is fun!  
  • A series of activities will be posted here with online links to instructions and resources for each one.
  • Click on the activities in order and follow the instructions.  These can be completed one per day or a couple at a time.  It’s up to you!
  • Each activity will have a main learning objective but will be embedded with additional curriculum links.
  •  At the end of each activity, parents can post their child’s work to our dedicated River Club Facebook page just so children can share what they have done OR for teacher review and comment.
  • The series of activities will build up towards a final task, making each task seem purposeful.

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The activities are aimed at 7-9 year-olds with a 'Support' idea for younger children and a 'Challenge' suggestion for older children. A grey heron will direct you to these on each instruction sheet!

Before you begin - create your River Journal


Series 1: River Wildlife

Click on each Activity for instructions and resources.

River Wildlife Follow Up Activity

Want to know more about the animals that make the river their home?

These Animal Fact Files are crammed full of amazing facts!

Series 2: River Features

Before you begin, download and print this ‘River Feature Guide’

Series 3: Water Saving

This series looks at how we use water and the effects this can have on the river.

Here is an example

of Activity 6 - the

stop motion film!

(click on the picture)

I couldn't leave the

river drained of

water so I reversed

it for a happy ending!

We’d love to see your video.  Why not share it in our Facebook Group?

Series 4: Rainwater

How we manage rainwater is also an important part of caring for wildlife and rivers.