South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

River Rangers

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our River Rangers Team and help us discover and monitor invasive non-native species (INNS) on the Hogsmill, Beverley Brook and Wandle.

Our team of trained recorders will work together to survey the entire length of the Hogsmill, Beverley Brook and Wandle at least three times a year, building up a picture of where the invasive species are and how well our management efforts are working in controlling them.

Get INNS-volved!

No need for you to have any previous experience – we provide all training and equipment. All we need is your time and enthusiasm to make a positive difference to your local river by hunting down these problematic plants.

Training Sessions:

To become a River Ranger you need to attend one of our training sessions.

At these sessions, we will cover the identification of the most common and troublesome INNS as well as a visit to the river to show you what you need to do on our surveys.

Next Training Session:

We don’t currently have a training session booked in but to register  your interest for the next event please email or join our Mailing List to be kept up to date on all our volunteering activites.


INNS are already being tackled on the Wandle by our existing team, but we need more people to join this dedicated group as well as start our brand new teams on the Hogsmill and Beverley Brook. This project will form a valuable monitoring system for our efforts in the eradication of these invasive species across all three of our south London Rivers.

River Rangers Survey Results

Our River Rangers have been working hard this summer to survey the entire lengths of the Hogsmill, Beverley Brook and Wandle for the presence of INNS.

This information, on the location and abundance of these problematic species, will allow us to write and update INNS Action Plans for each river. Over the coming years we will be working with local stakeholders, landowners, communities and volunteers to coordinate the control and management of several target invasive plant species.

Coordinated management of INNS has been taking place on the Wandle since 2016. More information about this Living Wandle Landscape Partnership project can be found HERE.

To view maps of all the survey results browse the story map below: