South East Rivers Trust

Background to the project

In 2011, Sutton Council developed a Surface Water Management Plan that identified areas within the borough at an increased risk of surface water flooding. One of these areas is Hackbridge Town. Modelling has demonstrated that flooding is likely to be caused by the backing up of surface water in the local sewer network.  Predicted surface water flood risk extent and depths within Hackbridge Town area

Schools were identified as having the potential to alleviate the pressures on the local sewer network during periods of heavy rainfall. Because local schools account for large areas of land that have been built on and paved over, installing sustainable drainage systems within school grounds would be a way of substantially reducing flood risk. The following map demonstrates the potential flood alleviation provided by the scheme.

The SuDS in Sutton’s Schools project has the added advantage of providing improved playground facilities for the schools involved, adding features that could be used to help educate the whole school community about becoming more rainwater-friendly!



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