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What might be included in a SuDS scheme?

Our gallery below shows some examples of SuDS features that have been included in other schemes.

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Although SuDS in Sutton’s Schools is a new project, here are some examples of SuDS schemes implemented elsewhere. Click on the link for each project listed below for more detail about what SuDS looks like in practice.

Hollickwood Primary School, London

The Hollickwood Primary School project in north London was built to address on-site flooding  and to provide a variety of educational opportunities.  It was a large scale project that included: a bioretention bog garden, swales and retention areas.  This project shows what can be achieved by getting kids involved.

Bridget Joyce Square, London

This project transformed an urban road between a school and two playgrounds into a space that was not only rainwater-friendly but child-friendly as well!

Stebonheath Primary School, Llanelli

This school in Wales, shows a good range of features including water butts, rain garden planters, permeable paving, tree pits and a swale. The interpretation board in the school makes the whole school community aware of the benefits of SuDS.

Derbyshire Street Pocket Park, London

This project integrates SuDS features with other amenities such as an edible garden, bike parking and a wildlife garden. It demonstrates what can be achieved even if space is limited.