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Welcome to Niki!

We are very happy to welcome Niki Karagkouni, our new GIS Analyst!

Niki’s background is in Geo-informatics and Topography, joining us with an MSc in Environmental Sciences.

Niki has many years of experience as a researcher, working on both marine and terrestrial conservation projects worldwide.

In order to achieve our Vision of healthy river ecosystems for all, spatial analysis is key. Niki’s role will underpin our catchment management work – helping us better understand the data we have. It will also improve our engagement, helping us communicate the health of our rivers and habitats in a more visually engaging way.

“I’m happy to be part of this team as I will have the chance to participate in many interesting projects, helping to deliver spatial analysis and mapping, and improve my knowledge about the south-east rivers and catchment areas, and their importance for the local communities.”

Niki, the new SERT GIS Analyst

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2 comments on “Welcome to Niki!

Judy Rimmer

Why does the Wandle River smell so badly of sewage in the area near Poulters Park,Sutton, Surrey?

Jess Mead

Hi Judy, That is where treated sewage effluent from the Beddington Sewage Treatment Works enters the Wandle. However, the water shouldn’t smell of sewage by that stage, so it could be that some pollution has occurred. If you smell it again in that area and the water is at all discoloured then please take photos and call the Environment Agency Hotline on 0800 80 70 60 to report it.

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