South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

Education is one of the cornerstones of our mission here at the South East Rivers Trust.  We recognise the vital role that the next generation can play in improving the health of our rivers for both people and wildlife. We have a range of initiatives that encourage young people to engage with their local river.


Project Kingfisher

Project Kingfisher is our education programme for schools, designed to challenge children to learn more about their local river, its history, wildlife and the role we can all play in protecting rivers for the future.


The programme offers river introduction assemblies and outdoor sessions at a range of Southwest London sites.  It operates on the River Wandle, the Hogsmill River and the Beverley Brook.  These sessions give children first-hand experience of rivers and enables them to benefit from the expertise that we have as a Rivers Trust.


Education at Home

The resources on these pages were developed at the start of the Covid-19 crisis.  They were designed as educational activities that can be carried out at home by 7-9 year olds with limited adult supervision.  There are four series altogether: River Wildlife, River Features, Water Saving and Rainwater. 

Each series includes a set of 6 related activities that aim to be fun as well as educational.  There is a huge range of ideas here that use art, science, maths, writing, geography, IT and even dance to learn about rivers. 

Any age can have a go –  at home or at school!


Junior River Rangers

Our Junior River Rangers programme includes ideas for fun things to do while visiting your local river.  If children associate the river with enjoyable experiences they will start to value it and want to care for it.  By completing 3 of these activities, children can become Junior River Rangers and will receive a badge and certificate .


SuDS in Schools

The SuDS in Schools project aims to address the issues faced by rivers and the local community as a result of increased pressure on our drainage network.  Building over our green spaces increases the amount of runoff flowing into the drains and into our rivers whenever it rains.  This excess of surface water can result in flooding.


Schools have huge roof areas and large tarmac spaces.  Greening the playgrounds can capture some of this runoff and provide a valuable lesson for the children involved in the project.