Junior River Rangers

Are you up for the challenge? Explore, discover, and protect your local river as a family.

Ready to become a Junior River Ranger?

Here’s how: 

Step 1: Pick your river challenges – two green challenges and one blue challenge. 

Step 2: Dive into the challenges – explore your local amazing river and wildlife and lend a hand in taking care of it.   

Step 3: Once you’ve completed the challenges, claim your well-deserved certificate and Kingfisher badge by filling out the form below.  

Step 4: Congratulations! You are now an official Junior River Ranger. Keep up the fantastic work! 

Junior River Ranger Completion Form

Please read our river safety guidelines, to keep you and your family safe. We recommend that you enjoy the river from the river’s edge.  

Junior River Ranger challenges are aimed at 5 to 11-year-olds but can be fun for all the family.

Every Junior River Ranger receives a badge and certificate

What junior River Rangers say

‘Amazing’, ‘I love it’, ‘Fantastic’, ‘It was so fun!’

Blue activities

Did you know the water from our taps comes from the sources that feed our rivers?

As a Junior River Ranger you can help care for your river and wildlife by saving water at home.

Complete at least one blue challenge and see how many Happy Water Droplets you can collect.

Save water – Kitchen

Save water – Bathroom

Save water – Garden

Save water – Leak Detective

Save water – Meat Free Day

Save water – Spread the word

Use our scoresheet to keep a record of Happy Water Droplets collected if completing more than one activity.

Junior River Rangers use activity sheets to record their progress

Green activities

As a Junior River Ranger you can discover and explore the natural fun found by your river and the cool wildlife that call it home.

Complete at least two green challenges.

River scavenger hunt

Pooh sticks

Seasonal changes

River boats

Emoji trail

River alphabet

Rainbow walk

Ice art

Improve the habitat


Creature profileJunior River Ranger Completion Form


Wild creations help youngsters aged 5-11 show they value nature