Junior River Rangers

A programme designed to inspire and support families exploring their local river.

Who are Junior River Rangers?

Visiting a river can be a great way of connecting with nature, learning about wildlife and just enjoying the outdoors.

The Junior River Rangers Scheme provides fun activities for you to complete as a family while exploring and learning about your river.

Participants receive a certificate and Kingfisher pin badge from us as recognition.

Once you have completed the requirements below, fill in the form below to receive your badge and certificate.

Junior River Ranger Form

A Junior River Ranger © South East Rivers Trust

How does it work?

A Junior River Ranger is someone who recognises that rivers are important for people and wildlife and respects the natural environment through positive action.

  1. Select at least one Green activity below to complete – these are activities to help you become more river friendly.
  2. Select at least two Blue activities – these are designed to help you explore and enjoy being outside.
  3. Complete the actions as a family using the guidance provided. Make sure you take photos!
  4. When you are ready, fill out the form below to submit your work, or email us your name, address and a summary of your activities to education@southeastriverstrust.org.
  5. We’ll then post your certificate and Kingfisher badge!

None of our activities require that you get in the river and it is our recommendation that you enjoy the river from the river’s edge.

Please read our river safety guidelines, to keep you and your family safe.

River Ranger material

Which activities will you choose?

There are plenty of activities to choose from. Remember, you need to pick at least 1 Green and 2 Blue activities to get your badge.

Click on the activity for detailed instructions, hints and tips!

Green activities

The water we use is taken from the river or from sources that feed rivers. This means the more water we use, the less there is available for wildlife.

Save water

Find ways of reducing the amount of plastic pollution that is ending up in our rivers.

Improve the habitat

Choose your favourite animal that has made the river habitat its home and make a fact file.

Creature profile

Winning at pooh sticks