Water For All

South East England faces significant water stress. Most of our rivers are already impacted by low flows and there is increasing pressure on water supplies as a result of population growth and climate change.

The Water for All project seeks to address this – working with businesses and communities to manage water in a way that keeps rivers flowing and reduces pressure on water resources.

The project is funded by the Patsy Wood Trust, established to support charities and causes that Patsy Wood was involved with.

  • volunteers involved in water-saving measures


  • People engaged with where their water comes from


  • Horticulture growers engaged


  • Water companies engaged


River-friendly communities

A key aim of the project is to increase the awareness of water scarcity within communities and support them to make their own difference.

A series of events are being delivered to connect communities to their local river. We are helping people understand the source of water for their homes, and the impact that we can all have to help protect this resource.

We are running riverbank learning sessions with local schools to help children connect their local river to their daily lives. This inspires the kids to take the learning home and teach their whole family in turn.

We also created opportunities for communities to get involved in practical solutions to being river-friendly. These included rain garden planting workshops and installing rain planters in schools.

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A nature-based approach

Water For All is facilitating the use of nature to safeguard water resources.

Our Water and Land Stewardship Team is delivering natural capital mapping – highlighting the important benefits provided by different habitats. These maps are being used to inform and direct nature-based solutions to enhance and protect water resources in the future – for example leaky dams and measures to improve soil health and infiltration.

This work is delivered through our catchment partnerships, working closely with a range of partners including water companies, local authorities, the Environment Agency and other NGOs.

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Working with businesses

Through this project, we are working with fruit businesses and the supermarkets they supply across the Medway region to increase their water resilience. We provide advice to growers on rainwater harvesting and run-off management. This work is helping to reduce pressure on water supplies during dry periods and reduce the risk of localised muddy floods during wet periods. We are also working with the Woodland Trust, FWAG and others to deliver additional benefits such as biodiversity and pollinator improvements.

We are also working with the five water supply companies active in the SERT region. This includes analysis to identify nature-based solutions that will safeguard water supplies, and supporting the development of their water management plans. We want to see water companies set ambitious plans for the use of nature-based solutions and driving the wise use of water in homes and businesses.

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