Support SERT by using Easyfundraising when you shop online

Do you shop online regularly? Did you know you can help rivers while you buy?

Research of 2021 shopping habits suggests that:

  • 82% of UK shoppers bought something online
  • Our online purchases accounted for 30% of UK retail sales
  • Together we spent about £98 million
  • 41% of us prefer to shop online

Did you know that a percentage of many online purchases can be diverted back to your favourite charity? For no additional costs to you?

If you sign up and shop through Easyfundraising, retailers will give one percent, two percent or maybe more to your nominated cause.

The 2.4 million people who use Easyfundraising have already raised £44 million (2023 figures) for thousands of good causes.

We’d love it if you chose to help protect and enhance rivers by picking the South East Rivers Trust as your cause.

From having your weekly shop home delivered, to buying gifts, computers and furniture or booking travel and renewing insurance, you can be making a difference to our work championing rivers.

Getting started is so simple. Just visit Easyfundraising and register for an account.

You will be prompted to find a cause – choose The South East Rivers Trust. (Make sure you use ‘the’ to start!)

Then you’ll be supporting our work when you shop.

Easyfundraising will also allow you to set a “donations reminder” to your internet browser, to prompt you to use the facility if you didn’t realise the retail site you were using made a donation.

Don’t forget to download the App so that you can access participating websites when shopping on a mobile device like your phone.

Click on the image below to visit Easyfundraising and get started!