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Water quality and water scarcity are critical issues that impact not only our lives but also our green and blue spaces and the wildlife that calls them home.

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Our rivers support a wealth of diverse flora and fauna that are a vital part of many food chains. They also provide havens in our urban neighbourhoods, without which the natural areas of our towns and cities would be more fragmented than ever, making it harder for wildlife and people to thrive.

But now our rivers and catchments are under significant threat from pollution, litter, increasing drought and over-abstraction.

Water scarcity in south east England

Close-up photo of water drop © canva
Protecting rivers and wildlife starts with saving water in your home © canva

It might be hard to believe, especially when it’s raining, but the south east of England receives less annual rainfall than the south of France. It is now classified as a water-stressed region. This means that the demand for water usage is larger than the water available in the landscape. Climate change and the demands of a growing population will make this situation worse in the coming decades.

Water we use in our homes and businesses every day comes from our local environment; abstracted from rivers and the underground reserves that feed them. Without rivers being part of our water supply we could not shower, wash our clothes, stay hydrated or even flush the loo.

Clean and abundant water is a necessity to us and vital to river ecosystems – providing healthy habitats for a diverse range of plants and animals to live and thrive in.

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