Restoring the Emm Brook

A new and exciting partnership project to breathe life back into the Emm Brook with plans to restore 230 metres of the Brook as it flows through Riverside Park in Woosehill.

The project is funded by the Environment Agency.


  • Started in


  • metres of river will be restored


  • children engaged with the river


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This is a live project, with work underway as we speak to make our vision a reality.

We aim to restore and reconnect 230 metres of the historic Emm Brook channel as it flows through Riverside Park in Woosehill. This will create a free-flowing, natural channel that is a haven for aquatic wildlife and a wonderful asset to the local community.

Our work will also take action to improve the water quality of the Brook, engage communities with the river through a series of events, and run sessions with local schools.

To stay up to date with the project’s progress, please visit its dedicated webpage.

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Emm Brook before restoration © South East Rivers Trust

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