South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)


The Water for All project aims to create coordinated action, working with organisations and communities to manage water differently so that both aquatic ecosystems and water resources are more resilient to future pressures.

SERT is bringing together and working with partners and communities to encourage and support them in delivering their own changes to address and mitigate water scarcity, targeting action to where it will make a meaningful difference. The project has four main objectives to:

  1. Use a natural capital approach to underpin a common vision for river catchment planning.
  2. Work with businesses to deliver measures that will conserve and make better use of water on their sites.
  3. Work with communities facilitating them to make their own difference.
  4. Work with the five water companies in our area, encouraging them to work together and take more action to conserve water, leaving more in the environment benefiting wildlife, communities and their future businesses.

The project is a legacy grant from the Patsy Wood Trust and aims to make a lasting change.