The South East Rivers Trust is an

Our mission is for the rivers in the South East Rivers Trust area to achieve Good Ecological Status or Potential, and the management of their catchments to set international standards for urban and rural community-driven sustainability and environmental excellence in river rehabilitation and restoration.

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We work at a river catchment scale. Rivers are not restricted by regional or political boundaries. In fact, rivers can be affected by small changes to land management miles away from their source. So it’s not enough to look at a river in isolation – we must also look at its full hydrological catchment to truly understand all the factors affecting its health.

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  1. Sue Wheeler

    I am interested to see that you are working on the Hogsmill Rver, in Worcester Park Road. When the work is complete, what will happen to the riverbank area where the trees have been cut down, and the ground has been compacted by the heavy plant equipment?
    The river regularly has rubbish thrown into it, so how will this be policed?


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