South East Rivers Trust (& the Wandle Trust)

Meet The Team

We are lucky to have a dedicated team working at the South East Rivers Trust.

  • Bella Davies, Trust Director
  • Toby Hull, Head of Operations
  • Rachel Doran, Head of Finance (consultant)
  • Chris Gardner, Catchment Manager
  • Samantha Hughes, Project Development Team Leader
  • Polly Penn, Programmes Manager
  • Nick Hale, Project Officer
  • Dean Morrison, Natural Flood Management Coordinator
  • Charlene Duncan, Community Engagement and Outreach Officer (SuDS in Schools)
  • Jess Mead, Project Officer
  • Ed Byers, Project Officer
  • Kathi Bauer, Natural Capital Coordinator
  • Laura Corney, Finance Manager
  • Emma Broadbent, London Rivers Officer
  • Miguel Sanabria, Assistant Project Officer
  • Harry Clark, Assistant Project Officer
  • David Courtneidge, Project Officer
  • Niki Karagkouni, GIS Analyst (Maternity Leave)
  • Alastair Pearson, GIS Analyst (Maternity Cover)
  • Nadiyah Chaudhry, Trust Administrator
  • Gloria Francalanci, Plastics Project Manager


Behind the scenes, we have a dedicated board of Trustees who help shape and direct the work of the South East Rivers Trust.

Our Trustees:

  • Theo Pike: Chairman of Trustees
  • Dave Brown: Vice Chairman of the Trustees
  • Gideon Reeve: Trustee
  • Alex Dawtrey: Trustee
  • Simon Williams: Trustee
  • Keith Wallington: Trustee
  • Michael Doble: Trustee
  • Martin Hurst: Trustee
  • Kavita Kapoor, Trustee